What materials are used in event decoration?

Event decorations help set the mood and create an immersive atmosphere for any occasion. Deciding what materials to use depends on factors like the event theme, number of guests, and budget. Popular event decoration materials include:

What materials are used in event decoration?


Fabrics like linens, tulle, sequined fabrics, burlap, and lace allow for beautiful, texture-rich decor. They can be used for:

  • Tablecloths
  • Chair covers
  • Backdrops
  • Ceiling draping
  • Pipe and drape (to define spaces)

Lightweight fabrics like chiffon or tulle add a dreamy, ethereal look. Heavier options like burlap and sequined fabrics make bold statements. Mix and match to achieve the desired aesthetic.


Fresh, dried, or artificial flowers instantly boost ambiance. Focus on 1-3 statement flowers according to the color scheme. Use them for:

  • Centerpieces
  • Garlands
  • Decorative wreaths
  • Backdrop accents

Work closely with a florist to stay within budget. For very large events, artificial flowers are cost-effective.


Foil and latex balloons provide striking bursts of color. They’re a budget-friendly way to completely transform a space. Popular balloon decor ideas:

  • Arches
  • Columns
  • Centerpieces
  • Backdrops
  • Sculptures

Combine solids and prints for visual variety. Use curling ribbon and balloon weights for stability.

Paper Decorations

From blossoms to poms, paper offers unlimited creative possibilities. Paper is perfect for:

  • Wall and ceiling decor like fans, lanterns, and geometric shapes
  • Photo backdrops
  • Centerpieces
  • Garlands
  • Sculptural elements

Purchase readymade paper decor or make your own from cardstock, tissue paper, streamers, or crepe paper.

String Lights

String lights create a cozy, festive ambiance both indoor and outdoor. Use them to:

  • Drape from ceilings or tents
  • Wrap columns, staircases, and tree branches
  • Decorate drinks stations
  • Brighten centerpieces
  • Outline walkways

LED string lights minimize fire hazards, operating costs, and overheating. Mix bulb sizes, shapes, and colors to customize.

Candles and Lighting

A variety of lighting transforms any venue and sets the right mood:

  • Candelabras anchor tablescapes with elegance
  • Marquee letters spell out messages in lights
  • Accent lighting spotlights decorative elements
  • Lanterns lining walkways create cozy ambiance

LED, flameless candles give off a realistic flicker without fire hazards. They’re suitable even for large-scale events.


Greenery lends organic texture, freshness, and warm natural hues:

  • Wreaths over doors or encircling pillars
  • Eucalyptus or olive branches in vases
  • Floral swags running tablescapes
  • Hanging plants for indoor garden vibes
  • Moss lining walkways or buffet stations

Utilize both faux and real greenery for budget and maintenance efficiency.

Seasonal Decor

Build excitement and immerse guests in the season or holiday. Use:

  • Hay bales and cornstalks for fall
  • Evergreens and poinsettias for Christmas
  • Cherry blossom branches in spring
  • Sunflowers and daisies for summer venues

Incorporate natural elements like fruit, gourds, pinecones, or seashells for themed events.

Upcycled Decor

Give new purpose to common household items with creative, eco-friendly upcycling projects. Turn old items like:

  • Teacups
  • Books
  • Crates
  • Ladders
  • Windows
  • Baskets
  • Silverware

Into decorative elements like vases, centerpieces, altars, hanging installations, or place card holders.

Event Decor Rentals

Many decor elements are available to rent, minimizing loads for setup/teardown:

  • Furniture like bars, lounge seating, easels
  • Lighting like chandeliers, pendants, string lights
  • Decor like arches, backdrops, dance floors

Determine key structural and architectural elements to rent. Accent with your own touches. Consider delivery/pickup timing and storage limitations.

Technology and Audio-Visual

Modern events incorporate technology and audio-visual equipment to amplify experiences:

  • Projectors, screens, and monitors for slideshows or virtual events
  • Speakers, microphones, and mixers for speeches or music
  • Intelligent lighting for versatile effects
  • Charging stations keep devices powered
  • Photo booths provide mementos for guests

Most elements require professional installation and operation. Thoroughly test gear beforehand to prevent glitches.

Key Takeaways About Event Decor Materials

  • Choose cohesive decor aligned to the event theme, season, or holiday
  • Mix textures, colors and lightweight/sturdy elements for visual interest
  • Incorporate greenery and natural touches for organic contrast
  • Rent structural basics like seating or shelter, accent with your own decor
  • Use lighting, av equipment to set ambiance and engage all senses
  • Favor durable materials suitable for the location, weather, and attendance
  • Work closely with floral and decor vendors for budget efficiency
  • Minimize hassle with durable artificial decor and rentals for very large events


The event decor sets expectations even before the occasion begins. Using purposeful materials transforms blank spaces into immersive atmospheres attendees always remember. Collaborating closely between clients, planners, and decor vendors results in engineering feats customized within budget. Embrace creative possibilities with lighting, greenery, fabric drapery and more to delight and transport your guests. Their wonder ignites new memories anchored around decorative joy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Event Décor Materials

  1. What fabric is best for event decorations?
    Linens like satin polyester or cotton offer durability for frequent use and rental laundering. Sequined, velvet or tulle fabrics provide plush, elegant textures. Stretch options like spandex easily fit over surfaces. Favor wrinkle-resistant fabrics that hold shape.
  2. What is trending in 2023 for event decor?
    Gold accents, art deco style, and elevated comfort food stations are popular for 2023 events. Sophisticated metallics, geometric shapes, nods to the Roaring Twenties era, and interactive nibbles experience stations provide guests memorable details amidst familiar glamour.
  3. How much should I spend on event decorations?
    Industry averages range from 10-15% of total event costs towards decor, though lavish affairs may dedicate around 25% towards stunning decor statements. Prioritize spending where it most impacts guest experience, like comfortable seating, excellent lighting, florals, and effective audio-visual.
  4. How do I choose an event decor theme?
    Align the sophistication level to event purpose and formality, plus consider the location vibe. E.g. a beach wedding merits airy, nautical details vs an ornate ballroom. Use the season, holiday or event colors to inform a cohesive palette. Most importantly, reflect the style of the hosts.
  5. What items are essential to decorate an event venue?
    Essentials include guest seating, appropriate lighting, floral arrangements and greenery, plus accent details like signage/displays. Useful structural rentals involve dancefloors, bars, av equipment, chargers or photo booths. Layer in fabrics, balloons, paper elements for texture.
  6. Should I make or buy event decorations?
    Weigh creativity against effort and existing skills. Buying readymade decor is simpler for complex pieces like floral centerpieces, lighting, or specialty rentals. DIY basic elements like paper flowers, garlands, signage without intricate detail work. For maximum wow without exhaustion, blend purchased statement pieces with personalized touches.
  7. What are inexpensive ideas for event decorations?
    Crepe paper, string lights and floating candles make superb budget decor. Upcycle found items for eclectic local flavor like old crates, frames or ladders matched to the theme. Opt for mixed greenery and seasonal blooms over exotic flowers. Rent core structural elements and minimize custom props.
  8. Where should I place decorations at an event?
    Site decorative focal points at natural gathering spots, seating areas, food/drink stations, and guest arrival or departure spots. Use lighting or fabrics to define spaces like dance floors or photo booth zones. Strategically place directional signage across the venue leading visitors to key locations.
  9. What questions should I ask event decorators?
    Key questions involve their specialties, preferred styles, sample visions based on your venue/theme, typical costs, and what’s included. Ask about lighting options, rentals access, installation labor, and extra fees plus customization abilities. Share your budget, vision, and any constraints before designing proposals.
  10. How early should event decorations be set up?
    Ideally finalize major structural installations like lighting, av equipment, or heavy fabric draping 1-3 days pre-event. Add perishable or fragile elements like florals, balloons, or tablescapes on the event day unless weather requires more time. Know vendor schedules and venue access timing from load-in to strike.
  11. What is the best way to reuse event decor?
    Favor durable decor built for longevity over single-use disposable pieces. Rent items made for repeat functions instead of purchasing. Repurpose elements like floral arrangements into hospitality gifts or donation centerpieces. Resell lightly used goods through Buy Nothing groups or Facebook Marketplace.
  12. How do I create a cohesive look with my event decor?
    Limit the color palette to 2-4 hues for sharp consistency. Repeat decorative motifs like specific floral varieties, fabric textures, or lamp shapes throughout the venue. Align style and formality across all elements from Seating types to amenity details. Refer back to the overall theme frequently for design choices.
  13. Can I rent event decor online?
    Yes, massive online marketplaces connect clients to rental companies offering event furniture, lighting, linens, centerpieces and more. Search locally then filter by needed item category, date, guest count, and budget. Ensure items fit the theme and venue; visualize sizing via included dimension details and photos.
  14. Where can I find inexpensive event décor supplies?
    Dollar stores, thrift shops and discount retailers offer affordable event decorations, vases, candleholders plus seasonal holiday supplies. Shop off-peak for deepest discounts. Crafters may sell extra bulk leftover trims or décor online after finishing events. Ask local college theatre groups about used performance set pieces.

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