What decorations are used for events?

Decorations play a big role in setting the theme and atmosphere for any event. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, corporate event or holiday gathering, decorations help make the occasion special and memorable. As you plan your next event, consider what decorations can enhance your theme, budget and venue space.

What decorations are used for events?

Types of Event Decorations

Party Decorations

Party decorations encompass anything festive used to liven up a social gathering. Some popular party décor ideas include:

  • Balloons: Latex and foil balloons come in every color and style. Balloon columns, arches and bouquets make stunning focal points.
  • Banners and signs: Custom signs displaying the event name, date or celebrant names personalize a party. Bunting banners strung across the space add instant festivity.
  • Centerpieces: Flower arrangements, candles, confetti and other centerpieces adorn tables and show spaces.
  • Garlands: Fabric, ribbon, paper chain or floral garlands transform walls, doorways, fireplaces and stair railings.
  • Lights: Fairy lights, lanterns with candles or string lights create a festive, cozy atmosphere.

Wedding Decorations

From the ceremony to reception, weddings utilize many decorative elements including:

  • Aisle décor: Aisle runners, flower petals, signs, candles and pew or chair decorations line the bridal entrance.
  • Altar and arch décor: Floral swags, hanging arrangements and backdrops frame the altar or wedding archway where vows are exchanged.
  • Centerpieces: Elevated floral displays, candles, lanterns and other creative arrangements decorate reception tables.
  • Chair covers and sashes: Spanning reception chairs with linens and ribbons achieves a classic, elegant style.
  • Table linens and runners: Linens covering head tables, guest tables, cake, gift and place card tables carry through the color theme.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday décor helps set a festive seasonal mood. Some examples include:

  • Christmas: Greenery garlands and wreaths, Christmas trees, lights, nutcracker figures and poinsettias invoke yuletide merriment.
  • Halloween: Faux spider webs, skulls, pumpkins, hay bales and haunted house props like coffins make spooky displays.
  • 4th of July: Patriotic red, white and blue banners, stars, flags and firework props celebrate Independence Day.
  • Easter: Faux grass, painted eggs, baskets, bunnies, chicks, tulips and daffodils welcome spring.

Corporate Event Decorations

Corporate gatherings rely on event décor to brand and enhance spaces for meetings, galas, conferences and trade shows. Go-to options include:

  • Signage and displays: Welcome signs, directional signs, corporate logos, motivational quotes and slogan displays strengthen company branding.
  • Stage decorations: Backdrops, podiums with logos, columns, screens, lighting and plants help presenters connect with audiences.
  • Tabletop items: Charging stations, pens, notepads, mints, vases and other functional items displaying logos brand corporate events.

Where to Get Event Decorations

You can find ready-made party supplies at general merchandise and party supply stores. For more unique finds or custom pieces, check out:

  • Craft and fabric stores: Ribbons, wreaths, garlands, centerpiece vases, artificial floral picks and other DIY materials inspire creative, personalized projects.
  • Specialty décor stores: Stores dedicated to weddings, birthdays or holidays offer event-specific supplies like balloons, signs, invitations and favors. Rental companies also provide items like chairs, linens and lighting.
  • Floral wholesalers: Bulk flowers, vases, ribbon, floral foam and accessories craft beautiful, affordable arrangements and displays.
  • Online: Websites offer convenience accessing wedding supplies, party favors, materials in bulk, decor rental services and custom-made items. Etsy artisans create handmade signs, welcome boards, paper goods and more.

Event Décor Ideas by Theme

Coordinate colors, materials, textures and accents to bring an event theme or style to life:

Rustic Chic

Burlap, lace, mason jars, wildflowers, galvanized buckets, chalkboard signs, distressed woods


Mismatched China, antique books, crystal vases, birdcages, pearls, lace doilies, feathers

Boho Chic

Macramé, fringe, pampas grass, bold patterns, brass accents, beaded curtains, hanging plants

Garden Party

Wicker baskets, flower boxes, trellises, string lights, paper lanterns, butterflies

Winter Wonderland

Faux fur throws, pinecones, poinsettias, silver branches, snowflake confetti, ice sculptures, white twinkle lights

Parisian Romance

Blush pinks, gold Eiffel towers, macarons, rose petals, candles, glittering chandeliers

Making Impactful Displays

Well-designed displays tie décor elements together into an event-enhancing presentation. Useful approaches include:

Layering textures and dimensions: Combine hanging elements, tabletop pieces, floor focal points and wall decorations. Vary materials like flowers, fabrics, metals, wood and greenery.

Repeating colors and motifs: Unify separate decorations into a cohesive theme using recurring hues, prints, shapes or materials. For sophistication, limit yourself to two or three repeated design aspects.

Highlighting focal points: Guide attention towards accent pieces like floral centerpiece installations, balloon photo backdrops or dance floors with pinspot lighting, frames or positioning in entry sightlines.

Allowing negative space: Avoid overcrowding by incorporating strategic blank space to establish breathing room and help key elements stand out.

Incorporating multipurpose pieces: Maximize value by repurposing ceremony aisle markers as place card holders or utilizing ceremony programs printed with reception menus and schedules.

Key Takeaways

  • Event decorations like balloons, banners, centerpieces, garlands and lights enhance celebrations with visually appealing embellishments suiting the occasion’s style and theme.
  • Party, wedding, holiday, seasonal and corporate event decorations utilize different props tailoring visuals towards each gathering’s unique purpose and atmosphere.
  • Themed décor coordinating colors, textures, shapes and accents makes displays more polished, purposeful and immersive. Strategies like layering dimensions, repeating motifs, framing focal points and utilizing negative space strengthen presentation aesthetics.
  • Stores, rental companies, florists and Etsy offer both ready-made and customizable event decorations suiting various venues, group sizes and budgets.


Event decorations play an integral role crafting occasion aesthetics. Whether planning a small home gathering or large-scale celebration, purposeful decorations tailored towards the event theme, season and venue help make moments more magical. Take time imagining desired ambiance and scouting inspiring ideas to make décor decisions that wow. The decorative touches infusing effort make each gathering more warm, welcoming and memorable for all involved.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are some cheap ideas for event decorations?
    Some budget-friendly event décor solutions include using items you already own like vases, candles and photos, making DIY projects with materials from a craft or dollar store, utilizing natural elements like branches or wildflowers, borrowing or renting key accent pieces, or finding deals from promo codes and sales.

  2. What should I know when renting event decorations?
    Clarify item specifics like sizes and quantities needed for your venue ahead of time. Understand rental timelines including when you must return pieces to avoid added fees. Read rental contracts thoroughly and purchase event insurance for expensive rentals to cover liability for any damages. Ask about pickup/drop-off options or delivery for large items like chairs.

  3. How do I choose an event decoration color scheme?
    Consider the purpose and style of your event as well as the season when selecting 2-4 coordinating hues. Neutrals like white, cream or gray pair well with all colors while pastels suit spring soirees and deeper tones like navy or burgundy match classic, formal affairs. Repeat your colors throughout all event elements including stationery, florals, linens, attire and signage.

  4. What are trending 2023 event decoration ideas?
    Current popular event décor trends include bold neon signs with custom text, LED dance floors and furniture, vibrant botanical floral displays, geometric shapes and patterns, incorporating interactive photo booth backdrops.

  5. How do I make cheap folding tables and chairs look nice for events?
    Affordable ways to elevate basic furnishings include draping tables in bold printed or sequin fabrics, topping with runner cloths in coordinating colors, surrounding chairs with covers, bows or sashes, decorating surrounding spaces with up lighting or floral displays so focal points rest on décor not furniture.

  6. What should I use to decorate walls for events?
    Creative event wall décor solutions include draping affordable fabric like tulle, lining with twinkle lights, framing with floral garlands or columns, mounting custom signage, attaching paper pompoms and hanging photographs utilizing clips or decorative ribbons.

  7. How do I decorate my event venue on a budget?
    Lower-cost event venue decorating ideas include showcasing potted plants or tree branches or incorporating natural elements like pinecones or stones from outdoors, enclosing affordable battery-operated string lights, displaying personalized memorabilia like photos or children’s artwork and spotlighting key areas utilizing lamps aimed at focal features like a dancefloor, head table or cake display.

  8. Where should I place decorations for optimal event photos?
    Strategic event décor placement tips for photos include flanking the head table with matching floral arrangements, wreathing ceremony aisles and arches with blooms viewable as couples pass through, surrounding focal areas like guestbook signing tables with complementary accents guests face while they mingle and placing interactive photo booth backdrops where they will capture guests naturally having fun.

  9. How can I decorate my house for a party on a budget?
    Inexpensive ways to decorate your home for parties include showcasing your own wreaths, flowers or holiday decorations, styling shelves or fireplace mantels with candle arrangements in varying heights for added dimension, surrounding doorways or staircases with cheap twinkle light strings, hanging festive paper garlands and displaying homemade food, beverages or ice sculptures as edible focal points.

  10. What are unique ideas for decorating chairs at weddings and events?
    Creative alternatives to typical chair bows or sashes include displaying paper flower corsages, suspending assorted crystal prisms to catch light, accenting with floral vine runners and showcasing bold ribbon ties in coordinating event color schemes.

  11. What are timeless event decoration trends?
    Classic event décor staples include all-white color schemes, abundant floral centerpieces, suspended chandeliers, candlelight, gold chiavari chairs and incorporating greenery like eucalyptus garlands or wreaths for timeless, elegant aesthetics.

  12. How can I make DIY decorations look polished and professional?
    Tips for elevating homemade event decorations include using high-quality materials purchased new instead of worn items, keeping projects minimalist without overembellishing, properly pressing or steaming fabrics to prevent wrinkles, incorporating subtle accents like ribbon trim for polish and focusing meticulous attention towards clean edges and seamless glue or hot glue application.

  13. Where is the best place to hang event decorations in a rented venue?
    When suspending décor in rented venues, aim towards installing pieces in areas where existing architecture offers built-in supports like rafters, wall hooks or lighting grids using safe materials which will not damage surfaces. Strategic spots include centering photo backdrop murals where sightlines will capture guests or anchoring focal points like floral chandeliers above dancefloors.

  14. What event decoration supplies should I order early?
    Event elements which often sell-out or increase in pricing closer to popular dates include floral blooms, chillers and vases for floral arrangements, sought-after rental furniture like trending chairs, linen options in lighter neutral shades and specialty lighting like crystal chandeliers.

  15. How can I make bare venues seem cozy for winter events?
    Warm up bare walls and seating areas by draping faux fur throws, surrounding seating with outdoor fire pits or heat lamps, lining hard surfaces with area rugs, showcasing abundant winter botanicals like pine branches and red winterberries and bathing cold spaces in the cozy glow of white twinkle lights.

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