How to decorate a big hall cheaply?

Decorating a big hall on a budget can seem daunting, but with some creativity and smart shopping, it can absolutely be done! The key is to focus on a few statement pieces and decorative accents that pack a visual punch without breaking the bank.

How to decorate a big hall cheaply?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through step-by-step how to decorate a big hall inexpensively. You’ll learn clever tips on choosing furniture, adding color and texture with fabrics and accessories, creating focal points, and more. We’ll also provide specific product recommendations for decor that looks high-end but is budget-friendly.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to create a beautiful, inviting big hall space that reflects your personal style – all without spending a fortune!

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

The furniture you choose for a big hall space should be both budget-friendly and multifunctional. Here are some smart options:


  • Sleeper sofas: These provide seating as well as extra sleeping space for overnight guests. Look for inexpensive futon-style options.
  • Sectionals: These can be arranged in various configurations to define spaces in an open floor plan.
  • Benches: Long upholstered benches can provide flexible seating. They can also double as coffee tables or consoles.


  • Nesting tables: Stackable nesting tables provide flexible surface space that can be expanded or contracted as needed.
  • Folding banquet tables: These are inexpensive and can be folded away when not in use.
  • Convertible coffee table: Some coffee tables have tops that lift up to reveal hidden storage space for books, blankets, games, etc.

Storage Furniture

  • Storage ottomans: These provide extra seating as well as discreet storage for items like books, magazines, blankets, etc.
  • Bookcases: Opt for inexpensive bookcases like Billy bookcases from IKEA. These can also display decorative objects in addition to books.
  • Trunks: Vintage style trunks offer character along with abundant storage space.

Use Budget-Friendly Decor Accents

You can add visual interest in a big hall without spending much money on decor accents:


  • Textured throw pillows: Add layers of texture with velvet, faux fur, or woven throw pillows.
  • Blankets: Inexpensive cotton blankets in colorful patterns can warm up seating when draped over sofas or chairs.
  • Removable wallpaper: Use removable wallpaper or contact paper to line the backs of bookcases or as “art” behind furniture.

Wall Decor

  • Gallery walls: Create an eclectic gallery wall display by combining affordable art prints, posters, and photographs.
  • Mirrors: Lean an oversized mirror against a wall for an instant focal point.
  • Flags and banners: Pick up inexpensive fabric flags or banners to hang behind your sofa or on the wall.


  • Faux plants: Well-made faux plants, trees, and succulents look just as good as the real thing.
  • Air plants: Affordable and easy-care air plants add natural flair. Display them in inexpensive ceramic pots or bowls.

Define Spaces Through Layout

Use the layout and positioning of furniture to define spaces within a cavernous hall:

  • Entryway: Demarcate the entryway by placing a console table behind the sofa with a mirror above. Add baskets for storage.
  • Living area: Arrange sofas or sectionals to create a central living space focused around the TV or fireplace.
  • Dining area: Use an area rug to define the dining space. Position the table near enough to the living area for easy circulation from one space to the other.
  • Reading nook: Tuck a comfy chair or loveseat into an unused corner or alcove. Surround it with floor lamps, bookshelves, and side tables to create a cozy reading spot.

Incorporate Visual Interest

Add unique details to liven up plain walls and surfaces:

  • Textiles: Use fabric like macrame wall hangings, table runners, or extra throw blankets to soften hard surfaces.
  • Murals: Paint or apply wallpaper featuring bold prints, scenes, graphics or faux architectural details.
  • Lighting: Install sconces, pendant lights or track lighting. Paint lamp bases bright colors for pops of color.
  • Display shelves: Mount shelves (or use bookcases) to display collections and meaningful objects.

Make a Statement with Paint

Paint is an inexpensive way to transform the look of a room. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint an accent wall in a bold, saturated hue like emerald green or navy. This instantly becomes a focal point.
  • Try two-tone walls with a darker color on the bottom half and lighter shade on top to add visual interest.
  • Paint built-in shelves or cabinets in a contrasting color to make them “pop”.
  • Add painted patterns like wide stripes, geometrics, or murals using painter’s tape.

Shop Discount Stores

Check discount stores like the ones below for major savings on decor:

  • IKEA
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • HomeGoods
  • At Home
  • Thrift stores and flea markets

Look for floor models, overstock items, or gently used furniture and decor at a fraction of the retail price. With some hunting, you can find amazing discounts.

Rent or Borrow Items

Consider borrowing or renting items for a temporary impact:

  • Rent lighting fixtures like crystal chandeliers for special events.
  • Borrow art from artist friends to display on a rotating basis.
  • Rent accessories like decorative vases, trays, sculptures etc.

Make Crafty Upcycles

Give cast-off items fresh purpose with DIY makeovers:

  • Transform old shutters into wall art.
  • Upcycle wooden crates into display cubbies.
  • Use spray paint and stencils to give tired furniture a facelift.
  • Turn old china plates into decorative wall hung plates.

Prioritize Key Areas

Focus your decorating efforts on the public spaces guests see first, like:

  • Entryway
  • Main sitting area
  • Dining space
  • Kitchen

Spend less time decorating seldom-used spaces like formal sitting rooms or home office areas.

Work in Stages

Don’t feel you need to decorate the entire hall at once. Spread out big projects over time:

  • First 1-2 months: Paint walls, install lighting, decorate public spaces
  • Following 2-3 months: Add furniture and starter decor
  • Ongoing: Slowly accumulate accent pieces and higher-end splurges

Maintain Over Time

Here are some tips to keep your space looking its best:

  • Use area rugs to define spaces and minimize everyday wear and tear in high traffic areas.

-Rearrange furniture periodically for a fresh look.

-Rotate out pillows and accessories seasonally.

-Display new art, photos or other decor over time.

-Clean frequently to keep surfaces free of dust and grime.

Product Recommendations

Here are some specific products perfect for decorating a big hall on a budget:

Sofas and Sectionals

  • Rivet Sven Sofa, $599 – Mid-century modern style sofa at budget price point.
  • Burrow Nomad Sofa, from $995 – Customizable modular sofa available in multiple fabrics.


  • Wayfair Willington U-Shaped Sectional, $699 **- Great budget U-shaped sectional.
  • Amazon Homes Square Arm Sofa/Chaise Sectional, $969 – Versatile and contemporary sectional.

Accent Chairs

  • Wayfair Langley Upholstered Arm Chair, $240 – Classic parsons chair with chic upholstery.
  • Target Accent Chair, $120 – Simple, affordable accent chair.


  • IKEA Lack Coffee Table, $30 – Basic, inexpensive coffee table.
  • IKEA Hol Coffee Table, $25 – Nesting coffee tables, great for small spaces.
  • Amazon Banquet Folding Table, $80 – Sturdy, portable banquet tables.

Pillows and Throws

  • Target Velvet Accent Pillows, $25 – Gorgeous velvet pillows for a luxurious feel.
  • West Elm Throw Blankets, $39 – Cozy cotton throws in fun patterns.

Wall Art and Mirrors

  • Target Round Wall Mirror, $45 – Large, inexpensive leaning mirror.
  • World Market Macrame Wall Hanging, $100 – Boho-chic macrame wall art.
  • Urban Outfitters Gallery Wall Frames, $24 – Budget-friendly gallery wall frames.


  • Amazon Globe String Lights, $15 – Whimsical decorative string lights.
  • Ikea Hektar Floor Lamp, $70 – Modern, affordable floor lamp.
  • Target Round Wall Sconces, $50 – Chic metallic wall sconces.


With some savvy shopping, clever DIY projects, and strategic layout, you can create a fabulous big hall decor even on a tight budget. Focus your time and money on versatile furniture, statement lighting, and a few key decorative accents to transform the space. Don’t be afraid to shop discount retailers, borrow items, upcycle old pieces, or work in stages. Use paint, mirrors, fabrics, and gallery walls to add visual interest at little cost. In the end, you’ll have a hall that feels cozy, reflects your style, and didn’t break the bank!


  1. What are the best affordable online stores for decor?
    Some of the best online stores for affordable decor include Wayfair, IKEA, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Overstock, and All Modern.

  2. Where can I find discounted secondhand furniture?
    Check thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army, consignment shops, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and estate sales for quality secondhand furniture at huge discounts..

  3. How can I decorate my hall for free?
    Some free ways to decorate include rearranging existing furniture, making DIY art and wall displays, using items you already own creatively, borrowing decor from friends and family, and finding free items through Buy Nothing groups or Freecycle.

  4. What are cheap ways to update old furniture?
    Cheap ways to update old furniture include painting it, stenciling patterns, replacing hardware like knobs and handles, applying new contact paper or laminate to surfaces, upholstering in new fabric, and updating legs/bases.

  5. Where can I find affordable wall art?
    Affordable wall art can be found at discount retailers like IKEA and Target. You can also make your own gallery wall with frames from Dollar Tree + prints, posters and photos. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s often have big sales on wall art as well.

  6. What types of lighting are budget-friendly?
    Some budget-friendly lighting options include string lights, floor lamps from IKEA or Target, sconces, ceiling flush mounts or semi-flush mounts, and pendant lights from hardware stores.

  7. How can I decorate my hall walls affordably?
    Affordable ways to decorate walls include painting, applying removable wallpaper or contact paper, creating a gallery wall, hanging inexpensive tapestries or macrame wall hangings, displaying framed photos and art you already own, and mounting shelves for decor.

  8. Where can I find cheap secondhand decor?
    Check thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, antique malls, and flea markets for great deals on secondhand decor. Look for wall art, vases, sculptures, trays, mirrors, lamps, and more.

  9. What types of fabrics help make a room feel cozy?
    Cozy fabrics for decor include faux fur, cotton, velvet, wool, cable knit, textured throws and pillows, sheepskin, and cashmere. Layering natural texture fabrics throughout a room creates a welcoming, comfy feel.

  10. What are cheap DIY decor projects I can try?
    Fun, cheap DIY decor ideas include painting terra cotta pots, trays or vases, decoupaging furniture with scrapbook paper, stenciling prints on pillows or curtains, making pom pom curtains, and creating an easy gallery wall.

  11. Where can I find inexpensive area rugs?
    Check discount retailers like Walmart, Target, IKEA, Overstock, Home Depot, and for affordable, stylish area rugs under $100-$200. Rug sizes like 5×7 and 6×9 work well in common spaces.

  12. How do I decorate my hall walls with a limited budget?
    With a limited budget, pick one or two key walls to focus on. Paint the other walls neutral. Then use inexpensive wallpaper or removable decals on accent walls, frame prints and photos you already own, display collections, and add leaning floor mirrors.

  13. What are the best plants and trees for decorating inexpensively?
    Great inexpensive plants for decor include succulents, snake plants, palms, ferns, orchids, air plants, fiddle leaf fig trees and faux plants. Potted trees in a corner add height.

  14. Where can I find long, narrow tables on a budget?
    Accent tables like console, sofa and hall tables can be found very affordably at IKEA, Walmart, thrift stores etc. Narrow tables are great for tight spaces in halls and entryways.

  15. How do I decorate my rental hall affordably?
    Use removable adhesives and wall decals, fabric wall hangings held up with command hooks, freestanding accent furniture, and colorful area rugs. Avoid permanent changes like painting so you get your deposit back.

  16. What are some cheap DIY furniture projects I can try?
    Some fun DIY furniture projects include: painting old furniture with chalk paint, transforming bookshelves with wallpaper, turning crates into shelves, upholstering thrift store chairs in new fabric, and making benches from reclaimed wood.

  17. Where can I find inexpensive curtains and drapes?
    Check stores like IKEA, Target, Walmart, and Amazon for affordable ready-made curtains under $20-$30 per panel. You can also make your own curtains affordably with discount fabric.

  18. How can I decorate with pallet wood inexpensively?
    Break down free pallets to make rustic wood shelves, accent walls, coffee tables, console tables, headboards, and more. Sand and stain it inexpensive.

  19. What are thrifty tips for accessorizing?
    Thrifty accessory tips include spray painting old lamps, frames or vases, styling flea market finds, displaying collected items, rotating seasonal decor, making your own wall art, and arranging blooming plants.

  20. Where can I find cheap wallpaper?
    Check discount retailers like Dollar Tree, Walmart, and IKEA for wallpaper under $10-$20 per roll. Use removable wallpaper to decorate accent walls, furniture, shelves, etc.

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