How many pavilion are in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its extravagant architecture and lavish attractions. One of the city’s most iconic structures is the Dubai Expo 2020 site, which contains a number of unique pavilions representing different countries and themes.

How many pavilion are in Dubai?

Dubai has well over 200 pavilions across its different sites. The main locations that house the pavilions in Dubai are:

  • Dubai Expo 2020 site
  • Global Village
  • Miracle Garden
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts

Let’s explore these key sites to understand the different types of pavilions and how many exist in Dubai.

Dubai Expo 2020 Site

The Dubai Expo 2020 site is a huge area dedicated to the World Expo that was hosted in Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022. The key highlights of the Dubai Expo site are:

  • Over 200 pavilions representing different countries and themes
  • Massive pavilions for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Europe and more
  • Special themed pavilions on Space, Mobility, Sustainability etc.
  • Multiple entertainment venues, restaurants, shops etc.

Some of the most iconic pavilions at the Dubai Expo 2020 site include:

Al Wasl Dome

The huge central dome structure at the heart of the Expo site spanning over 65 meters wide. It has a 360-degree immersive display and hosted many celebrations during Expo 2020.

Al Wasl Dome at Dubai Expo 2020 Site

UAE Pavilion

The UAE pavilion was one of the largest country pavilions – a huge two-story structure made of advanced materials like steel and carbon fiber. It offered a unique experience of the UAE’s culture, values and ambitions.

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

This pavilion was designed to look like a window into Saudi’s rich heritage. It had an AI-powered kinetic facade with advanced interactive displays.

India Pavilion

India’s four-story pavilion was one of the Expo’s most visited attractions with its vibrant designs showcasing the country’s cultural diversity and smart cities vision.

Europe Pavilion

A spiraling structure adorned with LED strips and an interactive water feature. It highlighted Europe’s smart innovations across various sectors.

The Dubai Expo 2020 attracted over 24 million visits during its 6-month duration and the pavilions were a huge part of its appeal and success. While Expo 2020 has concluded, its massive site continues to be an attraction with plans to transform it into District 2020 – a futuristic smart city.

Global Village

Dubai’s Global Village houses pavilions from over 75 countries across 26 pavilions themed around the 7 regions of the world. Some of its most iconic pavilions include:

Egypt Pavilion: This pavilion gives you a virtual hot air balloon ride along the Nile and into ancient Egyptian temples and tombs using 3D mapping technology.

India Pavilion: Showcases different states of India like Kerala, Goa, Punjab etc. through their unique architecture, culture and cuisine.

Turkey Pavilion: Offers tastes of authentic Turkish coffee and popular treats like baklava.

Iran Pavilion: Highlights Iran’s rich cultural heritage with stalls showcasing Persian carpets and handicrafts.

The Global Village is Dubai’s leading multicultural family destination with over 7 million annual visitors. The pavilions offer immersive cultural experiences through food, art, handicrafts and entertainment.

Miracle Garden

True to Dubai’s extravagance, the Miracle Garden houses unique floral installations including 15 floral pavilions. The most iconic include:

Heart-Shaped Floral Pavilion: A red heart structure completely covered in red, pink and white flowers spreading fragrance and romance all around.

Floral Castle: A magnificent castle ornately designed with flowers.

Floral Clock Pavilion: A functioning clock completely encrusted in beautiful flowers with numbers marked on the grass.

Butterfly-Shaped Pavilion: A giant butterfly sculpture made of exotic flowers with wings spanning 15 meters wide.

The Miracle Garden’s pavilions use over 50 million flowers arranged into structures like arches, houses, castles bringing fantasy to life. It holds several Guinness Records and is one of Dubai’s most Instagrammed locations.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

This is Dubai’s ultimate theme park destination spanning over 25 million square feet. It is home to 3 world-class theme parks and a huge water park. Some iconic pavilions across its parks include:

RiverlandTM Dubai at MotiongateTM Dubai: This zone is designed like a mini Hollywood Boulevard with themed dining pavilions like the Hollywood Trattoria, Broadway Snacks, Studio Central etc.

Bollywood ParksTM Dubai: This first-ever Bollywood theme park has pavilions dedicated to different movie worlds like Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine etc. with themed rides and movie memorabilia.

LEGOLANDĀ® Water Park: Colorful water slides and towers across over 20 LEGO themed aquatic attractions.

Dubai’s leisure attractions feature uniquely designed pavilions catering to entertainment, culture, innovation and more. With over 200 pavilions across its key destinations, Dubai offers one-of-a-kind experiences.

Key Takeaways on Pavilions in Dubai

  • Dubai has over 200 pavilions across sites like Dubai Expo 2020, Global Village, Miracle Garden and Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • The iconic Dubai Expo 2020 site itself housed pavilions from over 190 countries as well as themed pavilions
  • Global Village has pavilions representing over 75 countries across its 26 pavilions
  • Miracle Garden has 15 stunning floral pavilions shaped as hearts, castles, clocks etc. using over 50 million flowers
  • Dubai’s leisure attractions use pavilions to offer unique cultural and entertainment experiences

Dubai’s lavish pavilions exemplify the city’s extravagance and are a huge part of its tourism appeal. They bring to life different places, cultures and experiences for visitors while highlighting Arabian design and Emirati ambitions.


Dubai has strategically leveraged pavilions across its key attractions like Expo 2020, Global Village and Miracle Garden to provide unique experiences that combine entertainment with cultural appreciation. Through

the 200+ pavilions adopting varied architectural styles, Dubai manages to showcase its global diversity and innovation making it a hub for tourism and business.

The myriad pavilions remain a core highlight of the city that continues to draw visitors from around the world, establishing Dubai as the ultimate destination for distinctive world-class offerings rooted in Emirati hospitality.


Q1: How many pavilions does the Dubai Expo 2020 site have?
A1: The Dubai Expo 2020 site housed over 200 pavilions representing different countries and themes.

Q2: What are some of the most iconic country pavilions at Expo 2020?
A2: Some of the most iconic country pavilions are the massive pavilions of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, China and Europe.

Q3: How many pavilions does Dubai’s Global Village have?
A3: Global Village houses over 26 pavilions representing 75 countries across its 7 regions.

Q4: Which unique floral pavilions are key highlights of Dubai’s Miracle Garden?
A4: Miracle Garden has iconic floral pavilions like the Heart-Shaped Pavilion, Floral Castle, Butterfly Pavilion etc. crafted with over 50 million flowers.

Q5: What are some of the most unique pavilions at Dubai Parks & Resorts?
A5: Dubai Parks and Resorts has pavilions like Bollywood ParksTM Dubai featuring different Bollywood movie worlds and RiverlandTM Dubai offering themed Hollywood-style dining.

Q6: How many pavilions exist across key attractions in Dubai?
A6: There are over 200 pavilions across iconic sites in Dubai like Dubai Expo 2020, Global Village, Miracle Garden and Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Q7: Why are pavilions an important part of Dubai’s tourism appeal?
A7: Dubai strategically uses pavilions to offer unique cultural and entertainment experiences that appeal to tourists looking for world-class offerings.

Q8: What architectural styles are adopted across Dubai’s pavilions?
A8: The pavilions use varied architecture styles inspired by Arabian, Indian, Egyptian, Hollywood designs etc. aligned to the region or culture they represent.

Q9: How do pavilions highlight Dubai’s global diversity?
A9: Through pavilions representing over 75 countries across 26 structures, Dubai manages to showcase its multicultural diversity.

Q10: How have pavilions supported Dubai in becoming a global tourism hub?
A10: Iconic pavilions housing world-class experiences have attracted over 24 million visitors establishing Dubai as a leading tourism and business hub.

Q11: Do the pavilions built for Expo 2020 still stand today?
A11: Yes, while Expo 2020 has concluded, its massive venue is being transformed into District 2020 – a smart futuristic city where the landmark country pavilions still stand.

Q12: How many visitors did Dubai Expo 2020 receive?
Q12: Dubai Expo 2020 received over 24 million visits over its 6 month duration.

Q13: Does Miracle Garden use real or artificial flowers for its floral pavilions?
A13: Miracle Garden uses over 50 million real, natural flowers sustainably grown on site to create its unique floral pavilions.

Q14: What types of pavilions does Bollywood ParksTM in Dubai feature?
A14: Bollywood Parks recreates Bollywood movie worlds as themed pavilions like Rustic Ravine, Mumbai Chowk, Bollywood Boulevard etc.

Q15: How have pavilions culturally enriched visitor experiences in Dubai?
A15: Pavilions have allowed visitors to immerse in Emirati culture and appreciate global diversity through architecture, cuisine, handicrafts, and entertainment.

Q16: How frequently are the pavilions across Dubai sites updated?
A16: The pavilions are updated annually with design or cultural element changes to ensure repeat visitors have new experiences.

Q17: What future pavilion projects are planned in Dubai?
A17: Upcoming museum pavilions are planned around Dubai’s space and robotics achievements as it gears up to host World Expo 2025.

Q18: How can tourists access and experience Dubai’s iconic pavilions?
A18: Dubai offers a range of city passes like the Go Dubai pass allowing easy access to key pavilion attractions through the metro, buses or taxis.

Q19: How are Dubai’s pavilions aligned to Emirati values or ambition?
A19: Through innovative world-class designs and cultural experiences, the pavilions highlight Emirati ambitions of establishing Dubai as the #1 global tourism hub.

Q20: How can tourists learn more about Dubai’s famous pavilions?
A20: Tourists can access dedicated destination sites, explore pavilion galleries on Google Arts & Culture or book guided Dubai city tours to experience the landmarks.

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